Step-by-Step (ETH-PC)

The instructions below are similar to those also posted by Forsage Official on their website. Forsage Master Team welcomes and accepts any user who wishes to become an affiliate. Since to register on the decentralized matrix platform Forsage you always need an invitation, the Forsage Master team is pleased to provide our ID for voluntary registration of users who want to become members of the Forsage community and affiliated with the Forsage Master Team.







Creation of a cryptocurrency wallet

To register in the project using a computer, you need to install the TronLink browser extension. This is your personal wallet for Tron cryptocurrency, which will store the earned funds. The wallet belongs only to you and will also be used for automatic registration, credits, debits, upgrading and authorization on the website.

1. Install the TronLink extension on Google Chrome.

2. Forsage carries out the basic registration procedure. The login and password of the account should be securely stored in several places (preferably printed), as well as the 12 created words – this is the access key to the wallet. In the event of a LOSS of these control words (keys), access to the wallet will be impossible to restore.



Buy the desired amount of cryptocurrency to invest

First, you need to find out the address of your Tron wallet, which you made in STEP 1.

1. Open the TronLink extension.

2. Copy your wallet address by clicking in the colored area that appears at the top of the screen.

We recommend you to top up the balance of the new wallet with 500 TRX. One of the most successful start options is to buy 3 levels for x3 and x4, and 2 levels for xGold, which will amount to 2’000 TRX.

1. Open your browser and go to the website

2.Choose the appropriate payment system with which you want to exchange for the required Tron currency.

3.Choose the right service with the best rate.

4. Go to the website of the selected exchanger and follow the simple instructions. The exchange is usually automatic and very fast.

5. Make sure your Tron wallet has received funds.



Register in Forsage using the Forsage Master Team ID

1. You need to copy the link, (Forsage Master Team Affiliate Link).

2. Launch the browser, launch TronLink, check the balance and paste the copied link in your browser.

3. Follow the link “Registration”.

4. Check if the ID that appears is 280865, otherwise change it, and then “Automatic registration”.

5. The TronLink payment page is launched – click the “Confirm” button.

After 5-10 minutes, your transaction will be confirmed and restart the TronLink extension.

To buy new levels you need to log in using the wallet TronLink.

To view your personal account, you can use any other browser using your TRX wallet number or ID.



Become a partner of the Forsage Master Team.

1. At the top of the screen, go to “Office”, next to “Partners” and click on the symbol in front of “Custom Link” to be able to personalize it.

2. Insert our ID (280865) and then click on “Add”.

3. You are now officially a partner of the Forsage Master Team!




Tips on how to ensure that your investment will, eventually, be VERY PROFITABLE!

After you join Forsage through our ID, you are officially our affiliate!

If you are our affiliate, click on the button below (“UNCRYPT ALL THE SECRETS”) to receive tips on how to manage your investment. If you are not our affiliate yet, follow the instructions on how to join Forsage through our team starting at STEP 1 at the top of this page.

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